Um nature’s envoy to the mankind on earth… The envoy with a message camouflaged… A warning cum threat… A warning that mother nature knows how to balance the exploding population on earth and a threat of Newton’s 3rd law of motion… Yes… “Every action has an EQUAL and OPPOSITE reaction”. Love nature and she will gift you a healthy life, taint her and she will gift you mee…!

© Madhavi


In that riveting woods-o-love
You were godlikely omnipresent
From my earth to sky above

For my mesmeric flowers-o-love
You were my jazzy pigments
And also my basic elements

For my mesmeric flowers-o-love
You were my support system
Impermeable to worldly custom

With u as the gleaming sun
I am those intense rainbows
Redly-oranges to violetly-indigos

With u as a bum bumblebee
I am those flaunting flowers
Femme fatales with powers

To my currents in moana-o-love
You were the espousing shore
To handle em, you best behove.

© Madhavi


In my most beautiful fantasies
You and I were a pair of doves
Amidst a riveting woods-o-love
Amidst a brilliant bed of hues
A spectrum of red to blue’s.
Charming Cherry Blossoms
With Charismatic Crocus,
Truely Terrific Tulips
With Lovely Lavenders
And Lively Lilacs.
Deadly Divine Daffodils
With Heavenly Hyacinths,
The Magnificent Magnolias
With Bubbly Bluebells
And Lilly of the valley.
In my most beautiful fantasies
Amidst the brilliant bed of hues
A spectrum of red to blue’s
Carpenter bees were hovering
N bumble bees were fluttering.
In my most beautiful fantasies
You and I were a pair of doves
Soaring above the moana-o-love
To the welkin with purple haze
N a double rainbow…
So intense to praise…..!!!

© Madhavi


A thousand moments
Myriad of fantasies
Together they define
Those endless galaxies

Our boundless love
That devoid reasons
Of sundry versions
In diverse seasons

Blossoms of Agape
Love, unconditional
The Heat of Eros
Romantic ‘n’ physical

Showers of Pragma
A brume of Philia
A fall of Philautia
N flakelets of Mania

The quality of love
May raise to gold
Howbeit its quantity
Unplumed, untold

© Madhavi

You Matter

Your parents can never see you cry
They strive to build wings of thy
And then dream to see you fly.

Appreciate their sacrificial phase
For your morrows they slay their todays
Just to see a smile on your face.

Your resources are never too odd
Pay a deep gratitude to the God
For whatever you have; with a nod.

For He is painting the best for you
For you are worthy of better too
Far better than your point of view.

Happiness is a loop in strings
That’s hidden within little things
Eternal moments that need the clings.

Every single day is full of surpise
Tough times do appear like demise
Infact, they are a blessing in disguise.

Everyday miracles isn’t a misconception
With an unusual mould of perception
Just love yourself with a passion.

All you need to do is to do with vigor
You need to live a little like a leader
And dream a little like a dreamer.

The most beautiful dreams of your stature
Are just gliding down the dreamcather
From the abode of miracles and rapture.

In the depth of your gloomy probs
Does lie the precious pearls of hopes
The pearls of hopes and its allotropes.

A garland of hope is a gift of life
Share your hopes with music of fife
To loose the knots of despair so rife.

Self underestimation should be a zero
Failure is a matter to face; not sorrow
Remember, there is always a tomorrow.

Never forget your father and mother
Lord won’t gift you this pair another
They are a treasure of fortune rather.

This brutal wicked world may not flatter
But for both the former and the latter
You matter. You matter. You matter..!



Hey guys! With this last part, um terminating my series on seasons. Hope y’all liked the series….plz do leave your precious reviews in the comment section. I will continue with my old series on “MY MOST BEAUTIFUL FANTASIES” soon. Stay tuned and stay connected. ❤️❤️❤️

Gabriel’s mercury column apt to relax
When the sun and earth are afar at max
Now Jack Frost waves his bitter staff
And shows his magic without a gaffe
The influence of all the five elements
Wanes before Jack Frost’s vehemence
A clear and cloudy sky is off and on
In Jan they pour; in feb they’re gone
Frozen rains as well; mark the season
Western disturbance is the solo reason
The regnant moon edge over the Sun
So wholesomeness of earth do overrun
Airs at dawn are foggy, misty or hazy
While at dusk its nippy, chilly and icy
Fog n mist hinder the visibilty of aura
An amalgamation of welkin and terra
The tips and nose turns gelid ‘n’ numb
Waters of cold snap can’t be plumb
Mother nature grows mature and old
Growth of edibles hits the threshold
Spell of sub zero is the spell of fall
She is now prepared to lose it all
Lohri is marked as a bonfire festival
Celebration of harvest is just epical
Mahashivratri is a festive of devotion
Day devout to the lord of destruction
Lord Shiva and Shakti’s divine union
A reverence to Maa Saraswati’s feet
Basant panchmi do the grand greet
Embracing spring with a royal treat.

© Madhavi